Cause Someone You Don't Know Is Someone You Don't Know

Get A Firm Grip Girl Before You Let Go

Cordelia Chase
19 June
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Skip: The fact remains that humans aren't strong enough to harbor the visions. Period. Even the Powers That Be can't fix that.

Cordelia: Then find a loophole Skip. I know my purpose in this world and it includes the visions. And if the Powers That Be aren't complete dumbasses, they know it too.

Skip: There might be a tiny loophole.

Cordelia: I'll take it.

Skip: You may want to think about that. The only way you get to keep the visions is by becoming part demon. The process isn't easy, it'll make your vision pain feel like a stroll through candyland and even after the agony subsides the effects from the transformation will be numerous and unpredictable. You may never lead a human life again.

Cordelia: So demonize me already.

-Angel Episode 3x11 "Birthday"